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Effective use of the advantages of aluminum mats

Date:2014-09-19 09:28:30 Source:Shandong Dingming Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Aluminum mat is good depends on its role, the role of the general aluminum floor mats are moisture barrier and anti-dust, but also do with leveling the ground. Aluminum floor mats, there are two, one is soft material, used as a moisture barrier and anti-dust, and the other is a blow-type foam, its height ranging from 1-5 cm, hard , you can do the ground leveling. Covered later Jiaogan comfort will be improved.

In general, aluminum floor mats have the following three features:

First: corrosion-resistant mold decay - environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, water does not rot mold, not afraid of insects.

Second: noise reduction - to eliminate ground noise, creating a quiet space.

Third: easy to install, cost savings - can replace the keel or cement screed, laid directly on the indoor gross floor for floor irregularities, in combination with the ground surface sanding or crushes at that level.

Through these three characteristics, the aluminum floor mats are money good product!

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