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Talent Concept:

Talent is the first resource Dingming.

Dingming breathing rivers, Gala essence.

We hope to have more people join the ranks of Dingming cause, more people are concerned Dingming development!

Dingming Aluminum ask for Appearance:

- "Capacity doctrine" rather than "academic doctrine"

Have the ability to have committed employees are good employees, have the ability and the responsibility of the employees are no unqualified employees.

Dingming Aluminum employment outlook:

- "Gang energy affordable."

Gang fitness of its energy, who lent their bit. Each post choose the most suitable person, everyone in Dingming can find the most suitable positions.

Dingming Aluminum Jin Appearance:

- "Performance plus potential, product Giga talent"

  Outstanding performance is the basis for promotion, but also with respect to the development potential of the necessary personal future posts. No performance is not promoted; no development potential, the same can not be promoted, which Dingming of "employment outlook" is consistent. At the same time, is also a necessary condition for the character and competence of talent promotion.

Dingming Aluminum keep people Appearance:

- 'Cause, treatment to keep people, keep people emotionally. "

Emphasis reflects the value of individual employees. Let everyone in for Dingming work, personal business to be successful, greatly improved material life, creating a feeling of family, so that everyone under the warmth of the infection at home caring, support each other and improve together.

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